Concrete Infinity Pools

An infinity edge concrete pool (also named negative edge, zero edge, disappearing edge or vanishing edge concrete pool pool) is a swimming or reflecting concrete pool which produces a visual effect of water extending to the horizon, vanishing, or extending to “infinity”

Concrete Infinity Pools

concrete infinity pools

Concrete Infinity Pools

Origins of the Infinity Pool

The concrete infinity pool design concept is said to have originated in Bali, Indonesia, where its inspiration came directly from observing the dramatic effect created by the ubiquitous terraced rice paddies, known locally as sawah, for which the island is famous.

 John Gardner Pools are the concrete infinity pool specialists.

Infinity Pools Water Skimming Action:

John Gardner Pools infinity and overflow pools are a masterpiece of form and function. The water in a regular swimming pool usually sits well below the perimeter of the pool surround. In an overflow and infinity pool the water sits at a much higher level.

The innovative design of our infinity and overflow swimming pools maximizes the pool skimming process.  Water is drawn uniformly off all areas of the swimming pool’s water surface, which ensures all particles and floating debris are removed from the water before it passes through your pool’s filtration system.

The end result is a sparkling, perfectly clean pool with no dead spots and floating debris.

Scientific studies have consistently proven that this type of system is far more efficient at maintaining water movement over the surface of a pool, which is where the majority of particulate debris such as leaves, dead insects and other small particles collect.