Concrete Lap Pools

Concrete Lap Pools perth

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Lap pools, traditionally designed for fitness swimming, have become increasingly popular as an option for the restricted areas of urban living or to accommodate an inflexible landscape.

Concrete Lap Pools

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Design Considerations | Concrete Lap Pools

When planning or constructing a concrete lap pool, think about the following:

  • If you will be using the pool mostly to swim laps, it is more convenient to enter the pool via offset or niche wall steps with a metal grab rail rather than internal steps. This removes any potential obstruction from the lap lanes.
  • If there is room, consider adding an integrated spa, which extends the enjoyment of the pool and can economize on space if you desire both a pool and a hot tub in your backyard.
  • When will you most likely use the pool? In the morning, afternoon, or evening? Really think about this, because it can affect how you heat your lap pool. Do you plan on using it just in the spring and summer, or all year? This can make a difference when building a heating unit into your lap pool.
  • Pool Location can also play a big part in the control of your pool’s temperature. For example, a pool that sits in near permanent shade from a 2 storey home will remain cooler for a far greater period during summer, possibly limiting the seasonal usage of your pool

Concrete Lap Pools perth || Concrete Lap Pools perth