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With Perth concrete pools from John Gardner Pools virtually any shape or size is possible. Concrete allows for an endless array of design options no matter how unusual or restricted the site may seem.

With concrete your choices are endless.

Perth Concrete Pools

perth concrete pools
The Beauty of a Perth Concrete Pool

We believe that the perfect swimming pool is about much more than just professional workmanship. We strive to make sure your swimming pool is a direct reflection of you, your family and your home. Taking the time to truly understand your needs, style and requirements is the reason John Gardner Pools is able to create a truly individual solution limited only by your imagination.

Perth Concrete Pools

Why Build a Perth Concrete Pool

The advantages of concrete pools over other pool building materials:

  • Sheer Beauty
    Concrete pools simply look the most aesthetically pleasing. Concrete Pools are fully customisable: you have unlimited options of how it could look. Your pool could be a true piece of art, limited only by your imagination
  • Durability
    Concrete pools are by far the most durable pooling solution. Concrete is a sturdier and long lasting material and is best suited to the whole spectrum of different weather conditions. Concrete / Tiling will not be affected by sharp objects. A concrete pool will guarantee durability for the longest term.
  • Customisable
    Perth Concrete pools are always custom built for your home, to the specifications you choose. This means that you have great freedom in choosing the shape and design of your pool to have a truly unique creation in your backyard. Perth Concrete pools flexible design nature enable you to style your pool around your home, and not vice versa.
  • Size
    Concrete pools can be built to any size. Because they are always made to order, you concrete pool can be as large or as small as you like.