Plunge Pools

A plunge concrete pool is a small, shallow pool built for the purpose of lounging, wading and cooling off instead of for swimming and exercising. Some homeowners prefer them because of their lower costs, smaller sizes, easier maintenance and reduced water requirements

plunge pools

Since newer homes tend to be built on smaller lots, a plunge concrete pool is a space-saving choice. Plunge pools can be enhanced with upgraded materials and water features like fountains and waterfalls.

Cold Water concrete plunge pools are situated next to outdoor spas or hot tubs for the purpose of cold-plunge therapy. Small cold-water concrete pools have been used for thousands of years in Chinese medicine and were also popular with the Ancient Romans. Many swimmers and athletes like to plunge into a pool of cold water after a heated workout or sauna or spa session, believing it has therapeutic benefits.

With John Gardner Pools,  Just about any nook can be transformed into a liquid oasis.